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Are these not some of the most frightening words to think about – let alone discuss? Everyone has an opinion but does anyone really have any answers anymore? Does it seem like the whole world is wandering around like the Classic Crime “Heaven and Hell” lyrics:

I’m like a lost boy

Looking for his father in the wilderness

Days in the wrong direction

Wondering if I’ll ever see his face again.

This is why Explore Messiah…? is here. We are not afraid to discuss these issues. We have an opinion and we believe we have the answer. And … we hope we can help you to stop wandering and wondering.

For while Isaac Bashevis Singer actually is correct that “Doubt is part of all religion [and] all the religious thinkers were doubters.” You don’t have to stay stuck in doubt. We don’t have to live in an Ed Sheeran lyrical world singing “What Do I Know?”

For another great Jewish scholar (not the one you think … just yet), Yehuda Leib Gordon said – “Knowledge is like the sun—it dispels the darkness.”

Explore Messiah…? (and Tzedakah Ministries) is here to consider the SEVEN BIG QUESTIONS along with a few “sub-questions” that might change us, might change you, and might just change the world.

Will you explore and discuss (CAFÉ KEHILLAH) them with us? By the way, we have heard that people don’t ask questions anymore … but we wonder if that is really true or if no one is listening when you want to ask them. Which is it?

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