Tzedakah Ministries

The purpose of Tzedakah Ministries can be found in its name — Tzedakah — which in Hebrew means “righteousness.” However, Tzedakah means so much more and actually has nothing to do with a “Tzedakah Box” that you are expected to put money in to every Sabbath and every holiday. Really! Seriously!

As the Holman Bible Dictionary explains, “…. righteousness is the fulfillment of the terms of a covenant between God and humanity or between humans in the full range of human relationships.” And because Tzedakah Ministries has a burden to see Jewish people (and all people of the world) restored to a righteous covenant relationship with God — one that is only possible through Messiah Jesus – we have developed Explore Messiah…? to allow you to ask the questions that you have always wanted to ask. An exploration that you can engage in with privately and personally (i.e., without anyone intruding on your search with those annoying “do you want to talk boxes”).

If you would like to learn more about the other side of our work, go to We have nothing to hide and want to be completely transparent with you as you continue on this search of eternal proportions.

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