Did Jesus Really Fulfill Prophecies?

There is an old Jewish Proverb that states the following…

If God lived on earth, people would break His windows

For those of us who believe in Jesus, we would respond with this statement …

They Did and Let’s Talk About It!

For we know that perhaps you reflect what the Humanistic Jewish rabbi Peter Schweitzer said about many Jewish people’s search for the Messiah –

“Years ago, a popular evangelical bumper sticker read, ‘I Found It.’ The Jewish version would read, ‘I’m still looking for it.’”

Yes … our exploration has arrived at the prophecy section; but, this section might surprise as will not take the traditional linear approach that many others have taken you. We will take a few curves and detours along the way.

Perhaps the exploration will end here for you or it will give you a place to really dig deeper until you find Him.

Here are a few thoughts as you go on this exploration journey… Let’s discuss them together and see if we come to the same conclusion or whether we have more to talk about and consider:

Remember that if you want to talk about any of these issues that the CAFÉ Kehillah Discussion Board is open and we would love to chat.

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