Can I Be Jewish and Believe in Jesus?


Do you want to destroy the family?

Do you want to help Hitler finish the job?

How can we ever face anyone in the community (or at the JCC or the synagogue or make a good match for your sister) again?

Have you gotten sucked into a cult?

You know you will no longer be Jewish if you…

Most of the discussion points and/or issues raised on this website have been theological and philosophical up to this point; however, this one is almost purely emotional and sociological. This one strikes at the very heart of what Jewish people have been told for almost 2,000 years – “You cannot be Jewish and believe in Jesus.” Right?

Now many organizations like Tzedakah Ministries could start at this point by bringing up a long list of Jewish people who have and do believe in Jesus as Messiah (and that is a perfectly fine and if you are interested here is a link to a fairly decent book); but, that is not going to convince you that it is okay for YOU to do it. So … we are going to take a different approach if you are interested in taking this exploration/journey with us?

For as Moses Hess (who WAS NOT a Jewish believer in Jesus) but was instead a 19th century French-Jewish Socialist, and early Zionist, who was buddies with Marx and Engels for a time, once said:



The Jew, by virtue of his origin, will always belong to Judaism, even if he or his ancestors changed their faith.”

In other words, you are Jewish regardless of what you believe, who you are, or what you think. But this is a decision and an exploration you have to make for yourself. No one — us or your family — can make for you.

While you make the decision — here are three questions you should explore … for yourself:

  1. Why Should I Give Up Being Jewish for Jesus?
  2. Aren’t Jewish Values as Good If Not Even Better Than Christian Values?
  3. Do You Know What It Will Cost Me If I Believe in Jesus? What Is in It for Me?

And while you are exploring these questions — explore them with us at the CAFE Kehillah Discussion Board.

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