Church History Is Filled with Jewish Blood…

Why Would I Want to Associate with Such Hatred?

The father of Modern Zionism, Theodor Herzl, once wrote the following indictment: “Just as anti-Semitism drives the weak, cowardly and the materialistic Jew into Christianity, so its pressure has strengthened my own Judaism powerfully within me.”

Obviously, I believe Herzl is wrong. For while there is nothing cowardly about turning towards the faith called today Christianity for a Jewish person. However, the question of “Christian” anti-Semitism must not and cannot be ignored if Tzedakah Ministries and Explore Messiah…? is going to honestly and directly ask you to make this leap of faith on the exploration of this question … Is Jesus the Jewish Messiah?

For if I was honest with the JCC ladies, I will be honest with you as well and state that there is a ton of anti-Semitic baggage that Christianity must confront and apologize for as you make this exploratory journey. So … let’s confront it together for as my favorite theological crush Dietrich Bonhoeffer once stated –

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”

I believe you will admit that this was an honest examination of 2,000 years of baggage. We could make all sorts of excuses such as those are not “real Christians” but that is just an excuse and we both know it. The bottom line is that those individuals acted in the name of Christianity and we who believe in Jesus as Messiah have to face up to our past if we are going to ask you to explore Jesus as a rational part of your future. Therefore, we have done so because Tzedakah Ministries and Explore Messiah…? truly believes that despite the baggage of the past, the truth of Jesus is worth the cost of the exploration for your future. Will you join with us to talk about it at the CAFÉ Kehillah Discussion Board? Will you continue the exploration with us?

And please do not forget to examine our positions on who is the real founder of Christianity and whether or not the New Testament is anti-Semitic. Facing our past is the way we can truly explore our eternal future … together.

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