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We have heard through the grapevine that people don’t ask questions anymore … but we wonder if that is really true or if no one is listening when you want to ask them. Which is it? So we at Tzedakah Ministries and Explore Messiah…? decided to asked some…

What are the seven most frightening theological questions that you could imagine asking? The questions that you are just not supposed to ask in polite society or around the dinner table, especially at Passover? We asked ourselves that very question and this is what we came up with … How did we do?

Investigate each of these questions at your own pace but I want to challenge you to really consider what we are saying. Ask yourself – “Are we making a good argument? Do we have a point that you have never heard before? Is there perhaps truth that you need to explore further?”

We are here to answer your questions, discuss your opinions of our answers and hear you out at the CAFÉ Kehillah Discussion Board.

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