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The CAFÉ Kehillah Discussion Board exists because Explore Messiah…? and Tzedakah Ministries recognizes the importance of community within this website. Feel free to visit the discussion board to explore your concerns, and voice your fears. We cannot promise to respond immediately but we will answer as quickly as possible. And we will be honest with you!

The concept behind the CAFÉ Kehillah Discussion Board is built first around the idea of community and it is based upon these four founding principles:

  • C = Compassion

    • Tzedakah Ministries’ and Explore Messiah…? wants to offer “compassion” as you are on a journey, the truth and maybe even the answer to the question of just who is the Jewish Messiah
    • We also know the search is often terrifying and forces Jewish people to go outside where you have been told “it is safe/acceptable to go”
    • Therefore, we are not here to “push you” but to walk the thousand-mile journey with you because we were once there as well. So … if you ever have a question or just want to experience community all you have to do is click on the CAFÉ Kehillah Discussion Board and we will be there as soon as possible
  • A = Acknowledgement

    • Tzedakah Ministries’ and Explore Messiah…? acknowledges that our perspective for this search for the Jewish Messiah, who we believe is Jesus, includes confronting both personal sin and a personal Messiah … and this is something that is new and unique from what you have been taught in Rabbinic Judaism
    • Therefore, we acknowledge that you might have a lot of questions for us, your rabbi, and even yourself … and we want to be here for you throughout the process even if and when it becomes confusing. Hence the reason why we have developed the CAFÉ Kehillah Discussion Board
  • F = Forgiveness

    • Tzedakah Ministries’ and Explore Messiah…? believes that forgiveness is only available in Messiah Jesus and we know that this is a concept that is often only considered on Yom Kippur and only in a tertiary concept. We also know that it is forgotten about for many once the bar/bat mitzvah presents were opened and counted
    • Therefore, we want to discuss with you at the CAFÉ Kehillah Discussion Board about the idea of atonement and acknowledgement of personal sin is one that needs to be recognized and considered. We are not here to judge/reprimand but simple to discuss. We have sins in our lives as well and we are far from perfect; however, we have discovered that forgiveness is possible through not any good works that we might could do but through THE WORK Jesus did for us. Is this something you would like to discuss with us?
  • E = Empathy

    • Everyone at Tzedakah Ministries’ and Explore Messiah…? once was on the journey that you are now taking. It is frightening and we can truly empathize. We want to offer through this CAFÉ Kehillah Discussion Board a place of community as you consider these eternity-changing decisions.
    • We are not here to pressure you. We do not consider you a statistic, a trophy or a convert – regardless of what you might have heard. If you choose to walk away, come back, walk away, come back, walk away … just know we will be here. Grace and mercy is unconditional as is the love of Messiah Jesus for you. The journey is difficult and we know it and all that matters to us is … you.

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